Wedges & Fendi

Hi lovelies!  Oh how I have missed you!  I know all of us get so busy with the holidays and there has been so much going on in my life and work life I honestly haven’t had a lot of time for blogging.  Even though I enjoy blogging so much and when I am away, it makes me miss all of you!  I have traveled a lot this year and I know that many of us follow each other on Instagram and Facebook and if you have visited my Instagram lately…you may know that I surprised my mom with a trip to New York City for her birthday!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to share more of my travels with you!  I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and I am back from my hiatus with full force!

Onto the outfit… I am in love with these pants!  I got them for under $10 from Nordstrom Rack and I thought the flowy pants would look great with a flowy blouse I found at Nordstrom Rack too.   These wedges are one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet right now;  they are classy and elegant – Coach nailed it on these shoes!  My Fendi bag is old but still a favorite.  My necklace came from  Charming Charlie and the bangles from Nordstrom.


Rachel Ashley



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An Essential Fall Boot

TGIF!  Hope you all are as excited about it being Friday as I am!  I love Fridays!   Today, I want to chat about West Coast style.   As a West Coast girl…I have always been into brands like Roxy, Volcum, Reef, Hurley, Billabong and so many more.  You can’t grow up on the West Coast without having one of these brands in your closet at one point.  There the quintessential surfer brands that you just have to love, and it’s not hard to love them either!  Some of my absolute favorite sandals are from Reef and Rainbow.  And although living on the West Coast you can get away with wearing sandals almost all year long, I still need shoes to keep my footsies warm and these brands have boots too!  Have you seen the cute boots from Reef!  My favorite pair is the Reef Compassing boots in grey (see below)!

“Never get lost this fall with the Reef Compassing Essential fall boot!” says Reef.  Well, I could really use these boots with my upcoming trip to New York!   Have you seen all the snow New York has been getting?  This is a lace up boot, which is all the range with skinny jeans and leggings, right?!?  Case in point…

These boots are also extra warm, because they feature wool fabrics and hand woven textiles from India and have a rubber outsole for traction which is great for wet and snow places!   It’s not wet or snowy where I am from, but I know most of the country has to deal with snow and frigid weather 6-7 months out of the calendar year!   Not only are they the perfect winter boot, they’re also eco-friendly!  How stinkin’ cool is that!  Reef went beyond their core environmental product values by creating a style that utilizes recycled EVA and Eco: One technology.   And the guy’s boots are just as cool as the girls…loving the Reef Kudu, my hubby needs these!  Out of all the surfer brands which one is your fave?  As you can tell I love Reef, but there are so many great brands out there, tell me which one is you love!  I would love to know and I would love to know what kicks your rockin’ from them these brands this fall.


Rachel Ashley


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Do you have certain stores that you shop at for all the new trending apparel?   I know as a teen, my friends and I would always shop at Charlotte Russe, rue21 and Wet Seal.  One of the stores I still frequent to this day for trendy maxi dresses, maxi skirts, jewelry, or leggings is rue21. I have some very cute dresses from rue21, see one here.

My sister-in-law borrowed a cute dress I have from rue21 that is peach, navy, white and teal. She paired it with navy leggings and brown sandal wedges and she looked so cute! rue21 always has the cutest patterns and color combos in their stores.  I know a ton of teens still shop there because they have great prices and their clothes are always right on trend with what the teens are wearing.  I know several of my friends still buy trendy shoes from Charlotte Russe and some of my most recent purchases from these trendy stores have been jewelry.  I was just in rue21 not that long ago and I got the cutest long and chunky pearl necklace!  When shopping trendy apparel you want it to be affordable, because trends come and go.

Here are a few shopping ticks to consider when shopping for the latest trends…

Evaluate what you have first!  I just did this last week. Organize your closet and try stuff on you haven’t worn in a while and make sure it fits and is something you still like.  Donate the items that don’t fit or you won’t wear anymore.

Make sure you have quality basics that last for years.  Dress pants, blazers, basic leggings or black pants, pencil skirt, and so on.  These items can be paired over and over again with whatever is trending at the time.  Remember everyone’s basics are going to be different.  Determine what items you wear day after day and invest in high-quality versions of these items.

Once you have gone through your closet and have determined your basics, make a list of basics you could use and some trendy clothes and accessories you think would be fun to have.  Carry this list on you all the time, so when you are out shopping you can reference your list and make sure you’re not purchasing unnecessary items…I know this is easier said than done.

Hope these tips help!  Do you have any fashion tips that you live by, when purchasing basics or trending apparel?


Rachel Ashley

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Happy Workout Wednesday!  Today I am excited to talk to you about getting stronger.  Even though at the moment I am lying on the couch sick! Getting stronger doesn’t only have to do with muscle, its also about our mind an spirit too!

What does it mean for you to get STRONGER?  When I hear the word stronger many things come to mind, including Britney Spears song “Stronger”…..

Stronger, than yesterday
Now it’s nothing but my way
My loneliness ain’t killing me no more
I, I’m stronger

Haha!  When I say stronger I’m not referring to Britney’s song, although now I can’t seem to get it out of my head! Haha! Some people go to the gym to get stronger, some to lose weight and some to get toned.  When you reach a certain level in fitness, it becomes more about strength and endurance. What I love about getting stronger is that is means getting leaner and building more muscle!  Being stronger also makes me feel healthier in my mind, body and spirit.  Whether you’re trying to lift more, get lean or gain mass, mental strength will be the key to your success. Your goals may be physical, but your mind controls everything you do!

We have to get our mind in line with our goals in order to achieve them, right?  Whether our goals are physical or its a task you are trying to accomplish we have to make sure our mind is focused and it not clouded by things that don’t serve us or serve our goals.  If your goal to be stronger doesn’t have to do with your physical appearance, hitting the gym is still the best way to clear a foggy mind, relieve stress and prepare you for situations.  The gym, a walk or a run is my favorite way to focus and relieve stress.  But I also love making my physical body stronger in the gym for many reasons: 1) so clothes fit well 2) less susceptible to injury 3) to build muscle and a fit body.

What do you do to be stronger, in mind, body and spirit?


Rachel Ashley


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Skinny Jeans Workout

 Do you ever feel like you have a love/hate relationship with jeans?  Some days I love them and other days I can’t stand jeans.  Jeans are a fashion staple, whether we like them or not.  I hope you found the post early this week about Jeans with a Good Derriere helpful!  There is a jean for almost everyone, it just takes proper fitting to find the perfect pair for you!  Whether all of you looks good in all them jeans or not, everyone can use a good lower body workout in addition to a good fitting pair of jeans, right ladies?!?  The key to good legs and a good derriere are squats!  My favorite day in the gym is leg day!  Hopefully this workout will help you love leg day too!  If it doesn’t make you love leg day, it will certainty tighten and tone your lower half to ensure you look great in your favorite pair of jeans!


    • Begin standing with your back to a chair, feet hip-width apart. While keeping your weight centered on your heels, draw in your abs and hinge forward at the hips slowly lowering your butt toward the chair. Pause right before you would sit down and return to standing while keeping the core engaged. 

    • Grab a heavy dumbbell and hold one end in each hand at arm’s length in front of your pelvis. Set your feet about twice your shoulder width apart, toes turned out slightly.  1. Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees 2. Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position. Do 10 to 12 reps.

    • Stand with your arms at your sides and squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground 1. Push back up to the starting position. Then take a giant step forward with your left foot and lower your body until your left thigh is parallel to the ground 2. Push up onto your left leg and immediately curl your right heel toward your glutes 3. Return to start. That’s one rep. Repeat, stepping forward with your right foot. Continue alternating the sequence for 20 reps.
    • Tip: For a challenge, add dumbbells

    • Standing with feet hip-width apart, step your right foot diagonally behind you and into a 7 o’clock position. Bend both knees so you’re in a lunge stance. Lean your torso forward 30 degrees and pulse up and town 10-15 times. Straighten the body and pivot 180 degrees so your right foot comes to the front. Again, lower into a lunge.


Rachel Ashley

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Jeans with a Good Derriere

It is all about jeans this week on Fashionably Living!  So excited to share with you my favorite brands and styles to fit everyone’s body type.  Is there a pair of jeans you love?  Jeans and I seem to have a love hate relationship.  There are days I love them and days I would rather wear a dress, because I find them completely uncomfortable!  But there is something to be said about jeans that have a good derriere on them.  The flair from jeans comes from the backside, wouldn’t you say?  The pockets on the jeans either have bedazzle on them, cool shaped pockets, pockets with a flap or no flap.  Jeans have really stepped up their flare with the stitching or pockets.  Every jean company has their signature look or logo embroidered on them.  There so many options to choose from, that everyone can find a jean that fit their body well.

There are certain jeans I am drawn to and ones that fit me well.  The jeans that I always say I love as soon as the person turns around and I see the butt of the jean, are always True Religion!  I love True Religion jeans on men and women!  There is something about their jeans that catches my eye and I say “Oh l love those jeans!”   The derriere of their jeans is my favorite.  I remember I first fell in love with True Religion Jeans when I was in college and I felt like so many people had them and I didn’t yet.  Then one of my friends asked me what size I was, she said she had a pair of True Religion jeans to give me that didn’t fit her anymore!  I was so excited!  My first pair of True Religion jeans was about 10 years ago, and I was over the moon that someone was going to give me a pair!  I still have the jeans to this day and they aren’t out of style and they still fit!  What was your first pair of jeans that you were so excited to get?


Rachel Ashley

When it comes to picking a pair of jeans that flatters your derriere, there is a science to it!  Squats and lunges will definitely make your derriere look good in any pair of jeans, but if you haven’t been hitting the gym regularly there are jeans out there that can lift, shape and make the derriere look great!  I want to give you a list of tips and tricks and a few of my favorite jeans for shaping your backside and making sure your derriere always looks good.

Tips and Tricks for Finding Jeans with a Good Derriere:

If your derriere is small…you will want to find jeans with prominent detail.  For example a flap pocket, embroidery, etc.

If your derriere is flat… embellish – Flat-bottomed girls, look for styles with flap pockets and added detailing to pump up some much-needed volume

If your derriere is saggy…whatever you do don’t wear boyfriend jeans!  You want jeans that will pull and lift your backside.

If your derriere is wide… go for mid-size pockets- a mistake women frequently make is thinking pockets will make their butts look bigger, when actually, it’s the opposite.

If your derriere is wide…keep it simple – Stay away from a bedazzle pockets, embroidery and flaps.

My Favorite Jeans:

True Religion Jeans

Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans

J Brand Jeans 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Jean

Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jeans

Joe’s Jeans ‘Honey’ Fit Bootcut Stretch

Seven for All Mankind

Banana Republic Jeans

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Hey ladies!  Oh how I miss you and truly appreciate you putting up with my sporadic posts the last couple months.  I know many of you can relate with busy schedules, crazy deadlines and overloading yourself!  I miss you all when I am not here sharing with you and commenting on all your amazing blogs and websites!  We truly have a special community of woman and I am truly grateful.

I want to continue with my usual Workout Wednesday Posts!  This is truly one of my favorite posts I get to do every week!  This week I have a great High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout for you!  HIIT workouts will increase your heart rate help you burn fat throughout your day!  Why are HIIT workouts some of my favorite workouts to do?  Because they are the most effective and the best use of your time.  HIIT Workouts helps you lose weight not muscle, increase metabolism, no equipment necessary and can be done anywhere!!!  Try this HIIT Pyramid and let me know what you think.  It should be a challenge, but you will feel great after you complete it.


Rachel Ashley


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