Layered Ribbon

I can’t believe Christmas is a week away!  Where did this year go?!?  Most of you I am sure fit in one of two categories… you have your Christmas shopping done or you haven’t even started!  Well, look no further because whether you are done or not, you will be wrapping those gifts soon!  I have an easy technique for the bows on your gifts to make them look fabulous!  Who doesn’t enjoy a fabulously wrapped gift?  I know I do!  I would rather unwrap a gift then pull it out of a bag, just sayin’! :) Have you ever tried “Layered Stacked Loops” on your presents, if not I am here to teach you how!  You can use any ribbon you would like, but velvet and grosgrain tend to work best (I used wired ribbon and it looks just as pretty!)

  1. Cut several pieces of ribbon, each 2 inches longer than the previous one.  For the center loop, cut a piece two to three times as long as the ribbon is wide.
  2. With the ribbons face down, turn end to the center and adhere with double-stick tape (of regular tape if that’s all you have), forming two loops.  Tape ends of center loop together.  Cut a tail slightly longer  than the longest looped piece, notch ends (I didn’t do this, but its another way to dress the bow up a bit)
  3. Stack looped ribbons (and tail) from longest to shortest, adhering the centers with double-stick tape.
  4. Center the bow on the package. Thread a long ribbon through the center loop and wrap it around the package, taping in back and securing the bow.

Happy Wrapping!


Rachel Ashley

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  1. Love the layered ribbons and totally obsessed with that wrapping paper!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Super cute gift wrap!

    I can’t believe Christmas is next week, either! Yikes!


  3. I would also rather unwrap a beautifully wrapped gift than from a bag but unfortunately because of my lack of domestic skills, I usually grab the bags. But I’ll try your step by step “how to” because the gift wrap is so cute!!

    • Rachel Ashley

      You so sweet! This is super easy, your gifts will look fabulous with this little bow!

  4. This is oustanding. I really want to do this now. Genius idea.

  5. The bows look absolutely beautiful! My gifts don’t look nearly as nice as these!

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    December Group Giveaway!

    • Rachel Ashley

      Ahh, thanks Sharon! It is super easy and I am sure your gifts will look fabulous!

  6. This wrapping design is beautiful! I will have to try it this holiday season… that is if I ever get to catch up on my wrapping!

    xoxo, KP
    Eleventh & Sixteenth