Happy Workout Wednesday! What do you carry in your gym bag?  Everyone always has their set of essentials, wouldn’t you agree?  And when something is missing from your gym bag, like your socks or  headphones it can make for a frustrating (or boring) workout, right?  I have a few items I carry with me daily, to the gym.  Nike Air Max tennis shoes are amazing, and they are super stylish too, if I may add!  I put my tennis shoes in a plastic grocery bag, so the germs from the street don’t get on my bag or near my clothes.  One of my favorite alethic brands to wear is Athleta.  A friend gifted me a pair of Athleta yoga capris and I fell in love with how they fit and how comfortable they are.  I always finish a workout with protein, so I pack my blender bottle with a couple scoops of protein and add water and ice to it.  I carry a protein bar and/or an apple on me daily – its usually something I consume before my workout.  Calluses on your hands, aren’t cute ladies… so I always pack my gym gloves!  Make sure you stay hydrated while working out, all day long I am filling up my water bottle – hydration is key!   And lastly, but surly not least is a set of ear buds or headphones.  Headphones are one of those things, that if I forget them, my cardio can be a treacherous event…lol!  What are your must have gym bag items, I would love to hear your favorites?


Rachel Ashley

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 Top Left Corner (clockwise): 

Sneakers: Nike Air Max Thea/ Yoga Pants: Athleta/ Shaker Cup: Blender Bottle/ Protein Bar: Arbonne/

Workout Gloves: Reebok/ Waterbottle: Camelbak/ Headphones: Beats By Dre Earbuds/

Workout Bag: Atheleta